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Note de l'auteur

Super Friday, designed by fsuarez913, is a captivating display font that embraces the whimsical charm of cartoon aesthetics. With its bold, dynamic strokes and playful curves, this font exudes a sense of energy and playfulness, making it an ideal choice for projects seeking to capture the spirit of adventure and fun. The font's distinctive character shapes and balanced proportions create a visually striking impact, effortlessly drawing the viewer's attention and evoking a lighthearted, carefree mood.

Super Friday's versatility shines through its ability to adapt to a wide range of design contexts, from vibrant event branding and lively children's illustrations to eye-catching social media graphics and bold typographic compositions. Its playful personality lends itself particularly well to packaging design, product labeling, and recreational applications, where its unique flair can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a memorable, engaging experience for the audience.

This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!.

If you want to use this font for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase a commercial license. You can purchase a commercial license at

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Informations sur les polices standards

Famille de police
Super Friday
Sous-famille de police
Identification unique de sous-famille
Version 1.000;;SuperFriday;2024;FL830
Nom complet de police
Super Friday
Version tableau de noms
Version 1.000
Nom de police postscript

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Plateformes supportées

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 et sémantique en cours, unicode BMP uniquement
MicrosoftUnicode BMP uniquement

Détails de la police

Comptage des glyphes448
Unités par Em2048
Droits incorporationIncorporation pour installation permanente
Classe famillePas de classification
LargeurMoyen (normal)
Mac styleGras
DirectionSeulement glyphes fortement gauche-à-droit + glyphes neutres
Caractéristiques des modèlesOrdinaire
EspacementNon fixe