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Note de l'auteur

Metal Vengeance Italic font is a bold modern gothic typeface designed by Darrell Flood.

This font, created by Darrell Flood, is free to use for personal use (tho I appreciate donations!)
Please give as much as you honestly feel the font is worth to you.

For commercial use, you must pay $20 (USD) via PayPal to me at:

My preferred method of payment is via PayPal (because it ensures I get the full amount)
if PayPal is not an option for you, or you prefer to pay by card, then please pay via the following link:

Thank you for downloading this font and I hope you find a use for it!

Metal Vengeance V1.0

Commercial use license is a once-off payment that applies to the buyer or the company they represent...
for an unlimited number of installs/seats/projects, worldwide, in perpetuity.

Please Note:
Reselling of the font files is NOT permitted.
Reformatting of the font files for resale (or free redistribution) is NOT permitted.
Resale in font bundles (without my explicit permission) is NOT permitted.
Converting the fonts into other formats - such as (but not limited to) .png, .svg, .gif etc...
where the end product is essentially "reselling" the font in a different format is NOT permitted.

Table de caractères

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Informations sur les polices standards

Famille de police
Metal Vengeance
Sous-famille de police
Identification unique de sous-famille
Metal Vengeance Italic:Version 1.00
Nom complet de police
Metal Vengeance Italic
Version tableau de noms
Version 1.00;December 20, 2021;FontCreator 64-bit
Nom de police postscript
This font was created using FontCreator 12 Pro from

Informations sur les polices étendues

Plateformes supportées

UnicodeUnicode 2.0 et sémantique en cours, unicode BMP uniquement
MicrosoftUnicode BMP uniquement

Détails de la police

Comptage des glyphes191
Unités par Em2048
Droits incorporationIncorporation pour édition permise
Classe famillePas de classification
PoidsTrès gras
Mac styleSouligné
DirectionSeulement glyphes fortement gauche-à droit
Caractéristiques des modèlesItalique
EspacementNon fixe
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Metal Vengeance Italic.ttf
Metal Vengeance.ttf
Metal Vengeance TrueTypeUsage privé
  • Accents (partiel)
  • Euro
Metal Vengeance.ttf