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Note de l'auteur

Good Timing is based on an ultramodern typeface called Good Times from 1998. This version has more streamlined capitals, a more dynamic weight range and a matching lowercase. Mathematical symbols, fractions, numeric ordinals and monetary symbols are in good supply. Almost all current Latin based languages are supported, including Vietnamese, Cyrillic languages and Greek. The commercial use desktop license for Good Timing Bold is free.

This font includes a license that allows free commercial use: sometimes referred to as a desktop license. This allows you to install the font on a computer and use them to create posters, web graphics, game graphics, t-shirts, videos, signs, logos and more. Read the license agreement for details.

If you'd like to embed this font in an app, ebook, on the web or anything that's not covered by the desktop license agreement, visit the link below. You'll find distributors who offer different types of licenses or you can contact me for help.

This free font is part of a larger font family. Check out the rest of the family through the link above

Table de caractères - Latin de base

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Informations sur les polices standards

Famille de police
Good Timing Rg
Sous-famille de police
Identification unique de sous-famille
Nom complet de police
Version tableau de noms
Version 1.000
Nom de police postscript
Avis de marque déposée
Good Timing is a trademark of Typodermic Fonts Inc.
Nom du fabricant
Ray Larabie

Informations sur les polices étendues

Plateformes prises en charge

Plateforme Codage
Unicode Unicode 2.0 et sémantique en cours, unicode BMP uniquement
Macintosh Romain
Microsoft Unicode BMP uniquement

Détails police

Créé: 2019-05-23
Révision: 1
Comptage des glyphes: 750
Unités par Em: 1000
Droits incorporation: Incorporation pour impression et prévisualisation permise
Classe famille: Pas de classification
Poids: Gras
Largeur: Élargie
Mac style: Italique
Direction: Seulement glyphes fortement gauche-à-droit + glyphes neutres
Caractéristiques des modèles: Ordinaire
Espacement: Non fixe