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Bebas Neue Pro with lowercases and Italics!

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Hello everyone.

I am glad that Bebas Neue grew up very popular in about 10 years.
Bebas Neue has been downloaded over 10,000,000 times. Including other site, it is more than 30M!
The happiest time is when I hear that you like this font and you are satisfied with this, And when I happen to see actual uses in my life. I hope Bebas Neue saved the life of someone who downloaded until now and will do tomorrow too.

This Bebas Neue is free font.
You can use this font for commercial purpose for free.
When you need to double-check, please send email to
Often time, I miss comments on this page and private messages.

Thanks to your donations, I am able to continue free font project.
You can donate from top-right 'Donate to author' link.
Or you can become one of patron at PATREON

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Table de caractères - Latin de base

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Informations sur les polices standards

Famille de police
Bebas Neue
Sous-famille de police
Identification unique de sous-famille
Nom complet de police
Bebas Neue Regular
Version tableau de noms
Version 2.000
Nom de police postscript
Avis de marque déposée
Bebas Neue is a trademark of Dharma Type.
Nom du fabricant
Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa from Dharma Type in 2010.

Informations sur les polices étendues

Plateformes prises en charge

Plateforme Codage
Unicode Unicode 2.0 et sémantique en cours, unicode BMP uniquement
Macintosh Romain
Microsoft Unicode BMP uniquement

Détails police

Créé: 2018-02-05
Révision: 2
Comptage des glyphes: 450
Unités par Em: 1000
Droits incorporation: Incorporation pour installation permanente
Classe famille: Sans sérif
Poids: Moyen léger
Largeur: Moyen condensé
Mac style: Gras
Direction: Seulement glyphes fortement gauche-à-droit + glyphes neutres
Caractéristiques des modèles: Ordinaire
Espacement: Non fixe